Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

Tap water can contain chlorine and synthetic chemicals that are harsh on your hair and skin. These substances are associated with excessive drying, which damages the skin and causes hair to lose its shine. Feel the difference with an UAE Water systems Shower Filter, which removes 90% of chlorine and other contaminants for stronger hair and softer skin.

How do Shower Filters Work?

A shower filter attaches to your showerhead to remove contaminants from the water it disperses. These filters are individually installed, so you can choose to place them in as many or few bathrooms as you’d like. Shower filters work by acting as a net to catch contaminants before spraying clean water from the showerhead. You can also reduce contaminants from your shower and bath water by using a Whole House Water Filters System to give you clean, healthy water from every faucet in your home.

Superior Design

Shower filters are visible when installed, so make sure the one you choose matches the aesthetic of your shower. Think about the color and functionality of your showerhead, and whether you’d prefer to swap your old unit with a relaxing massage wand in white or chrome.

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